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Andreas Caruso was born on November 14, in Catania, Sicily, Italy. He is an Italian-American actor. He has appeared in feature films, commercials, documentaries and television series. He still lives in Los Angeles and He is activity pursuing a carrier in films.
I love exercise every day, I love follow my nutrition and wake up at 7 am each morning since I was a child. I think of self-discipline as the key to living a better life and getting whatever we want in life!
Since I was a child, I have been involved in the sports words. In 1992 I was an italian Greco-Roman Wresler utmost passionate for wresling that erned me many trophies and medals during the early 93’s. In 1995 , I won the finals ” Mens Greco Roman champiomship in Rome Italy” and got gold medal. Afterwards I recived an instructor Diploma from “F.I.J.L.K.A.M”